ZO Exfoliating Polish


Magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells to create a clear, smooth and even toned complexion. Named one of the 6 Best Face Scrubs to Exfoliate Your Way to Smooth Skin by Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab. The ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish exfoliates dead cells and debris to help prevent clogged pores, unveils clear, smoother, and more even-toned complexion. The Exfoliating Polish is part of The ZO Skin Health Getting Skin Ready regimen and instantly polishes the skin for a smoother texture and a more radiant, healthy glow.

  • Magnesium crystals provide exfoliation benefits
  • Instantly polishes skin to restore smoother texture and healthy glow
  • Removes dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores

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• Brightening
• Clarifying
• Cleansing
• Exfoliating
• Hydrating
• Improves Texture
• Improves Tone
• Moisturizing
• Pore Cleansing
• Resurfaces
• Skin Clearing
• Unclogs Pores


• Acne/Blemish
• Aging Skin
• Blackheads
• Dark Spots
• Discoloration
• Dryness & Dehydration
• Dull Skin
• Eczema
• Hormonal Acne
• Hyperpigmentation
• Irregular Texture
• Keratosis Pilaris
• Large Pores
• Milia
• Photodamage
• Red and Brown Pigmentation
• Rough Skin
• Sun Damage
• Uneven Tone
• Whiteheads

Key Ingredients

• Ultra-fine magnesium crystals: Removes dead skin cells, improves skin texture and cell turnover
• Vitamins A, C, C-ester and E: Deliver antioxidant protection

Treatment Area(s)

• Chest
• Face
• Hands
• Neck

How to Use

Gently massage a small amount on damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly.

Customer Reviews

"Absolutely love this product. I started using this product months ago. It was recommended by my esthetician for dry flaky skin. Every since I started using it my skin has looked and felt great. No more flakiness!" – ★★★★★ Crystal, Verified Buyer

"I was worried at first to try this. It smells wonderful and all you need is a tiny amount. And it really cleans out your pores. I use this once a day as part of my general skincare regimen. Can't recommend enough." – ★★★★★ Barb, Verified Buyer

"What a difference! My skin looks so much better after using Zo products and the skin polishing product is my favorite. My skin looks smoother and healthier than ever." ★★★★★ Trac, Verified Buyer

Product Size

65 G / 2.3 OZ.